I Brew – U Brew | A 13 year home brewer shares the current happenings of his favorite hobby

It’s a brewers’ throwdown …

.. or, at least, that’s what we like to call it.  It’s that magical time of the year where beer brewing brethren emerge from their apartments all across this fine country and bike, bus and train their way to the epicenter of beer in Korea –  Seoul.  In its infancy, some five years ago, ex-pat    […]

Small spaces, minimal gear, lotsa beer now available on https://www.udemy.com/i-brew-u-brew-small-spaces-minimal-gear-lotsa-beer/?couponCode=29

Small spaces, minimal gear, lotsa beer!

It’s here! We’re proud to announce the launch of my first course on www.udemy.com – I Brew – U Brew: small spaces, minimal gear, lotsa beer. This course is a cultivation of my 12 years of beer brewing experience across America and South Korea. Who knew that it would all fit into 3.5 hours of    […]