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daegu stout competition

“Stout Smackdown” in Daegu, South Korea

 For better or for worse, we’ve all judged something or someone to some degree; people, reality TV ‘stars’, ourselves.  Empirically, there have been those cases of the students (I’m a teacher) that I adore and beers that I want to like from XYZ home brewer or brewery simply based on reputation and past experiences.  It    […]

Daegu Stout Smack Down

Got nothing to do on 3/14?

Most folks in Korea will recognize 3/14 as “White Day”.  White day is when dudes give chicks gifts (as opposed to Valentine’s day when chicks give dudes gifts).  It just so happens that there is something way more exciting happening too.  The fine homebrewing brethren in Daegu is hosting its first competition and the focus    […]