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JuneToberFest VII – That time you lost your pants

It’s that time of the year again!  Believe it or not, we are working on being common-law with that sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter thing we call “JuneToberFest”.  Through the highs and soul crushing lows, JuneToberfest remains by Daejeon’s side for a seventh year running (though it threatens to leave us occasionally for wealthy and better    […]

Daegu, Korea – Stout Smackdown 3/12/16

Daegu Brewers of South Korea are hosting their 2nd annual “Stout Smackdown” on March 12th, 2016.  While beers entered into this competition will be of the dark variety, conversation about beer in general will be light and lively.  Festivities begin at 4 p.m. ———————————————— My online courses: “Small Spaces, Limit Gear, Lotsa Beer” “Brew Like    […]

Brewflection — 2015.

We’ve got a lot to be thankful for in Korea this go around the sun.  We’ve still got 2 LHBSs (craftbrewer.co.kr & seoulhomebrew.com — “local” obviously varies in context but when you live in a country the size of Indiana ..) continually striving to add new and exciting products for the growing home-brew scene in Korea.    […]


WeizenHaus opens a brewery in Gongju, South Korea

Maybe it’s because I come from a part of the country without professional sports teams, but brewery openings have always been a joyous event.  What’s not to like about excited beer people, smoked meats and beer!?  WeizenHaus, a brewing company in South Korea, has been moving and shaking of late.  A few years back they,    […]

JuneToberFest V happened (and it happened real good)

10 kegs, a bunch of food and a group of great people: JuneToberFest V happened and it went on without a hitch.  Thanks to everyone for doing their part to make our festival such an enjoyable and memorable experience.  For newcomers, it’s their first exposure to the welcoming homebrew community that exists on the peninsula.    […]

“Git yer ass down here!”

Tomorrow marks the 5th installment of “JunetoberFest” in Daejeon, South Korea.  The event started off as a way for homebrewers to meet and talk about beer.  For others, it reminds them that they have a flight high tailing it out of country coming up soon.  No fights, wedding proposals or child births have been confirmed    […]

The expensive stuff.

Back in March, The Daegu Brewers put on their first home-brewing competition named “Stout Smackdown”.  I was invited to judge one of the categories, but also encouraged to enter a beer in categories I wasn’t judging. Much to my surprise, my Dry Stout won first place.  In addition to bragging rights, I walked away with a    […]

daegu stout competition

“Stout Smackdown” in Daegu, South Korea

 For better or for worse, we’ve all judged something or someone to some degree; people, reality TV ‘stars’, ourselves.  Empirically, there have been those cases of the students (I’m a teacher) that I adore and beers that I want to like from XYZ home brewer or brewery simply based on reputation and past experiences.  It    […]