I Brew – U Brew | A 13 year home brewer shares the current happenings of his favorite hobby

Sours in the news.

Coffee, cheese, beer.  They say these items are acquired tastes.  As a child, I never understood that.  Why would you want to punish your mouth with the hopes of someday liking the product you were shoving in said orrifice? I don’t remember the day I took to the aforementioned items but I’m glad I had the fortitude    […]

State of beer

I often joke that Montanan’s do everything with a beer in their hand as if intentionally misinterpreting the actual definition of the “open container” law — “‘that means you have to be in possession of an open beer at all times right?” Of course, everyone drinks at BBQs, ball games and concerts.  Afterall, your 82    […]

Gear swap in Missoula, Montana

From the fine folks that bring you mix-and-match 6 packs, homebrewing and hydroponic supplies plus outstanding customer service, comes a homebrew gear swap event this Sunday in Missoula, MT by Summer Sun and Garden.  Not only is this an opportunity to swap and sell gear, there will be a live brewing demonstration.  See you there!    […]