I Brew – U Brew | A 13 year home brewer shares the current happenings of his favorite hobby

What’s in a name?

Coming from the northwestern-ish portion of the United States, when friends and I go out to meet at a bar, we typically don’t choose the bar based on ambiance or vibe.  No, we are far too old for such asshattery.  Instead, it’s which bar has pitcher specials and the best selection of IPAs.  Where I’m    […]

Hops: How I love thee.

As a red-blooded American man, I have an intense love for hops.  Smelling them, brewing with them, growing them and ultimately drinking them proves that the best things in life are free (well … pretty affordable at least).  Brewing books would make you to believe that brewing a beer capable of full enveloping your nose,    […]