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It’s not too late.

Wouldn’t it be great to watch some hops growing instead of your waistline this summer?  Ok, maybe your waistline is a lost cause but it’s not too late to put a few rhizomes into some dirt.  Don’t have any dirt to call your own?  I’ve got you covered.  Check out the recently added free “Sub Irrigated    […]

Christmas Hops deals

Not sure if you were naughty or nice this calendar year?  Why not stack the deck in your favor and fill your own stocking with vacuum sealed bags of hops instead of crusty lumps of coal?  While all the cool kids are splashing out big money for expensive, but awesome, hop varieties like Simcoe and    […]

Black Friday deals on brew related gear.

The year was 2001.  It was the first, and subsequently last, year I took in the modern marvel that is “Black Friday”.  As I stood in this line of blurry-eyed consumers at 5:00am, I thought about many things: “Who am I?”,  What’s the meaning of life?  However, after my ration of coffee was exhausted and    […]

Hops: How I love thee.

As a red-blooded American man, I have an intense love for hops.  Smelling them, brewing with them, growing them and ultimately drinking them proves that the best things in life are free (well … pretty affordable at least).  Brewing books would make you to believe that brewing a beer capable of full enveloping your nose,    […]