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New Beer’s Resolutions

Brew more SMASH beers:  In Korea, our access to base malts is fairly limited to one manufacturer of pale, vienna, munich, wheat and rye.  However, with few options comes creative opportunity to use alternative practices such as mash temperatures, hops selection/timing and yeast choice.  I made a SMASH inspired from a Northern Brewer recipe split    […]

I’ve got 99 problems and running out of beer ain’t one. (pt.2)

Keeping your home flush with conditioned beer can be difficult, but with proper planning, not impossible.  For some, the act of keeping a kegerator free flowing comes down to the availability of time, money and fermentation capacity.  A lack of fermentation space can be a major bottleneck in the homebrewing process.  Luckily for us, there    […]

I got 99 problems and running out of beer ain’t one. (pt.1)

There are a myriad of problems that face the neophyte brewer: procedure, timing, materials and infection.  In the wake of these, what many new brewers don’t consider is ‘the wait’.  Little known fact — the wait’s perceived duration and agony is inversely proportionate to the amount of imbibable beer a brewer doesn’t currently possess.  The only    […]