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Regulators! Mount up.

You could file this one under “first world brewing problems.”  This tweak is not going to revolutionize your kegging game.  Not even close.  No one will ever eye your setup and say, “Wow!  Sweet mess of tubes! Show me how to make my brewing life more difficult, Mr. Goldberg“.  Fuck the haters.  Sometimes a brewer has    […]

“Kill tray” revised

Much like Dexter, success or failure of an afternoon often hinges on the availability of the tools needed to complete the task at hand.  For Dexter, a worst case scenario might be his prey scampering away, leading to Dexter being caught and subsequently sodomized for 10 years while he waits on death row.  For the    […]

"Hey G.  It's me, Hops.  It's 2016?  Far out, man."

Spring has sprung.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time to is now” ~ Chinese proverb So what pray tell is so difficult about picking up that shovel and planting that seed or rhizome?  If it weren’t for your crippling social media addiction, not a God damn thing.  Much like    […]

Beg, cheat & steal

There are two types of homebrewers. There is the G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrome) crowd.  This crowd can be divided into 2 subsects: The “I think I need it” and the “I need it” groups.  The former can be found in front of an open paper catalogue and an Internet browser inputting his/her credit card information,    […]

Goldilocks and the perfect stainless steel racking cane.

Brewing setups are ridiculously customizable and flexible.  That’s both part of their appeal and frustration.  If the end goal is to produce wort and then allow yeast to make beer, this can be accomplished in a garage in North America, a minimum security prison or an apartment in Asia (which at times feels much like    […]


Big news!

After roughly 2 months of developing, writing, shooting (then re-shooting because I’m absolutely horrid in front of a video camera) and editing, I Brew U Brew is proud to release “Brew like a Bachelor” into the wild.  You might be asking, “Garrett, I thought you accomplished all you had ever hoped to accomplish in terms    […]

New Year’s Udemy course promotion

Why not make one of your New Year’s resolutions how to make all-grain beer?  “Small Spaces, Minimal Gear, Lotsa Beer” is being featured until January 9th for $10 dollars.  That’s about the price of a six pack (the beverage denomination not the squishy thing under your ketchup stained Van Halen T-shirt).