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JuneToberFest VII – That time you lost your pants

It’s that time of the year again!  Believe it or not, we are working on being common-law with that sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter thing we call “JuneToberFest”.  Through the highs and soul crushing lows, JuneToberfest remains by Daejeon’s side for a seventh year running (though it threatens to leave us occasionally for wealthy and better    […]

Daejeon’s 2016 International Wine Festival

Fun was had by all, some more than others.  Have a look at the wife’s review of the event and hopefully see you there in 2017! ———————————————— My online courses: “Small Spaces, Limit Gear, Lotsa Beer” “Brew Like A Bachelor”

JuneToberFest V happened (and it happened real good)

10 kegs, a bunch of food and a group of great people: JuneToberFest V happened and it went on without a hitch.  Thanks to everyone for doing their part to make our festival such an enjoyable and memorable experience.  For newcomers, it’s their first exposure to the welcoming homebrew community that exists on the peninsula.    […]

“Git yer ass down here!”

Tomorrow marks the 5th installment of “JunetoberFest” in Daejeon, South Korea.  The event started off as a way for homebrewers to meet and talk about beer.  For others, it reminds them that they have a flight high tailing it out of country coming up soon.  No fights, wedding proposals or child births have been confirmed    […]

Winter Meetup

I’ve never been a part of something, anything, early enough to consider myself a ‘grassroots’ adoptee until now.  Without hesitation, I can say beer in South Korea is making its way out of the shadow of its more famous brother soju and commanding a respect of its own. Yes, we may be ‘only’ homebrewers but    […]

“Winter Meet-up” In Daejeon, Korea on December 6th @ 6pm.

Like beer?  Live in South Korea?  Then come on down to Daejeon for our twice yearly Daejeon Brewers Guild party.  Every year we attract more and more folks that are all about beer… drinking, brewing or both!  Rookies to seasoned veterans are welcome.  Don’t be shy, come out to meet some nice folks and try    […]

It’s a brewers’ throwdown …

.. or, at least, that’s what we like to call it.  It’s that magical time of the year where beer brewing brethren emerge from their apartments all across this fine country and bike, bus and train their way to the epicenter of beer in Korea –  Seoul.  In its infancy, some five years ago, ex-pat    […]

Small spaces, minimal gear, lotsa beer now available on https://www.udemy.com/i-brew-u-brew-small-spaces-minimal-gear-lotsa-beer/?couponCode=29

Small spaces, minimal gear, lotsa beer!

It’s here! We’re proud to announce the launch of my first course on www.udemy.com – I Brew – U Brew: small spaces, minimal gear, lotsa beer. This course is a cultivation of my 12 years of beer brewing experience across America and South Korea. Who knew that it would all fit into 3.5 hours of    […]