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“Good for _____” – Vietnam pt.2

If you stick around long enough as an ex-pat anywhere, you’ll likely notice reoccurring themes in water cooler conversations.  Departures of long-timers (or arrivals of former long-timers who had sworn they’d never return), so-and-so’s most recent south east Asian vacation and whatever new fan-dangled western product is available at the local grocery store typically dominate    […]

Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company: Libby, Montana

Sometimes it’s better to let someone else do the typing.  Doubly so if the typing is well done and the pictures exquisite.   Here’s my wife’s recap of our trip to Cabinet Brewing Company in Libby, Montana. Some extras from me: – As mentioned in the post, Libby is a supremely beautiful city.  It’s also    […]

Brewflection — 2015.

We’ve got a lot to be thankful for in Korea this go around the sun.  We’ve still got 2 LHBSs (craftbrewer.co.kr & seoulhomebrew.com — “local” obviously varies in context but when you live in a country the size of Indiana ..) continually striving to add new and exciting products for the growing home-brew scene in Korea.    […]

Stop #2: Bitter Root Brewing, Hamilton, Montana, USA

You could say that Brad Pitt and the Bitter Root valley have something in common besides being impossibly beautiful.  They both were the first to bring something to Montana’s Bitterroot valley.  In the case of Brad Pitt, he brought many people with money.  These people were chasing the dream of fly fishing in complete solitude    […]

Sours in the news.

Coffee, cheese, beer.  They say these items are acquired tastes.  As a child, I never understood that.  Why would you want to punish your mouth with the hopes of someday liking the product you were shoving in said orrifice? I don’t remember the day I took to the aforementioned items but I’m glad I had the fortitude    […]

I can’t say I disagree

The folks over at dontdrinkbeer.com have a hilarious article that mocks a disturbing trend: making gimmicky beers with silly ingredients.