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Black Friday deals on brew related gear.

The year was 2001.  It was the first, and subsequently last, year I took in the modern marvel that is “Black Friday”.  As I stood in this line of blurry-eyed consumers at 5:00am, I thought about many things: “Who am I?”,  What’s the meaning of life?  However, after my ration of coffee was exhausted and    […]


WeizenHaus opens a brewery in Gongju, South Korea

Maybe it’s because I come from a part of the country without professional sports teams, but brewery openings have always been a joyous event.  What’s not to like about excited beer people, smoked meats and beer!?  WeizenHaus, a brewing company in South Korea, has been moving and shaking of late.  A few years back they,    […]

Daegu Stout Smack Down

Got nothing to do on 3/14?

Most folks in Korea will recognize 3/14 as “White Day”.  White day is when dudes give chicks gifts (as opposed to Valentine’s day when chicks give dudes gifts).  It just so happens that there is something way more exciting happening too.  The fine homebrewing brethren in Daegu is hosting its first competition and the focus    […]

I Brew - U Brew Recipes

“Hey, I’m a homebrewer in Korea. What can I make?”

Recipes are everywhere but many of them seemingly assume that you live within a block of a local homebrew store.  In Asia, many of us don’t have that luxury.  I’ve never been one to swim upstream so I’m starting a recipe database that focuses on malts that we can get easily and in bulk in    […]


Big news!

After roughly 2 months of developing, writing, shooting (then re-shooting because I’m absolutely horrid in front of a video camera) and editing, I Brew U Brew is proud to release “Brew like a Bachelor” into the wild.  You might be asking, “Garrett, I thought you accomplished all you had ever hoped to accomplish in terms    […]

New Year’s Udemy course promotion

Why not make one of your New Year’s resolutions how to make all-grain beer?  “Small Spaces, Minimal Gear, Lotsa Beer” is being featured until January 9th for $10 dollars.  That’s about the price of a six pack (the beverage denomination not the squishy thing under your ketchup stained Van Halen T-shirt).

New Beer’s Resolutions

Brew more SMASH beers:  In Korea, our access to base malts is fairly limited to one manufacturer of pale, vienna, munich, wheat and rye.  However, with few options comes creative opportunity to use alternative practices such as mash temperatures, hops selection/timing and yeast choice.  I made a SMASH inspired from a Northern Brewer recipe split    […]

Vertical goes chic

People brew for a variety of reasons: hobby, satisfaction, challenge, necessity etc.  People who continue in the craft often latch on to a particular facet of brewing that speaks to them most powerfully.  For some, it’s the science of yeast or the mash while others enjoy the freedom to play with recipes.  If you’ve taken    […]