I Brew – U Brew | A 13 year home brewer shares the current happenings of his favorite hobby

What’s in a name?

Coming from the northwestern-ish portion of the United States, when friends and I go out to meet at a bar, we typically don’t choose the bar based on ambiance or vibe.  No, we are far too old for such asshattery.  Instead, it’s which bar has pitcher specials and the best selection of IPAs.  Where I’m    […]

daegu stout competition

“Stout Smackdown” in Daegu, South Korea

 For better or for worse, we’ve all judged something or someone to some degree; people, reality TV ‘stars’, ourselves.  Empirically, there have been those cases of the students (I’m a teacher) that I adore and beers that I want to like from XYZ home brewer or brewery simply based on reputation and past experiences.  It    […]

It’s a brewers’ throwdown …

.. or, at least, that’s what we like to call it.  It’s that magical time of the year where beer brewing brethren emerge from their apartments all across this fine country and bike, bus and train their way to the epicenter of beer in Korea –  Seoul.  In its infancy, some five years ago, ex-pat    […]