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Brewflection — 2015.

We’ve got a lot to be thankful for in Korea this go around the sun.  We’ve still got 2 LHBSs (craftbrewer.co.kr & seoulhomebrew.com — “local” obviously varies in context but when you live in a country the size of Indiana ..) continually striving to add new and exciting products for the growing home-brew scene in Korea.    […]

Stop #3: Higher Ground Brewing, Hamilton, Montana

Higher Ground was one of those places that initially greeted me with great skepticism.  Having opened in 2012, it’s a relative new-comer to the Western Montana brewing game.  Its nearby proximity to a failing video store, Chubby Checker era patterned floor and low ceilings doesn’t exactly scream brewery either. Luckily for us, the brewers have obviously    […]

Sours in the news.

Coffee, cheese, beer.  They say these items are acquired tastes.  As a child, I never understood that.  Why would you want to punish your mouth with the hopes of someday liking the product you were shoving in said orrifice? I don’t remember the day I took to the aforementioned items but I’m glad I had the fortitude    […]

State of beer

I often joke that Montanan’s do everything with a beer in their hand as if intentionally misinterpreting the actual definition of the “open container” law — “‘that means you have to be in possession of an open beer at all times right?” Of course, everyone drinks at BBQs, ball games and concerts.  Afterall, your 82    […]

Beg, cheat & steal

There are two types of homebrewers. There is the G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrome) crowd.  This crowd can be divided into 2 subsects: The “I think I need it” and the “I need it” groups.  The former can be found in front of an open paper catalogue and an Internet browser inputting his/her credit card information,    […]

Daegu Stout Smack Down

Got nothing to do on 3/14?

Most folks in Korea will recognize 3/14 as “White Day”.  White day is when dudes give chicks gifts (as opposed to Valentine’s day when chicks give dudes gifts).  It just so happens that there is something way more exciting happening too.  The fine homebrewing brethren in Daegu is hosting its first competition and the focus    […]

I Brew - U Brew Recipes

“Hey, I’m a homebrewer in Korea. What can I make?”

Recipes are everywhere but many of them seemingly assume that you live within a block of a local homebrew store.  In Asia, many of us don’t have that luxury.  I’ve never been one to swim upstream so I’m starting a recipe database that focuses on malts that we can get easily and in bulk in    […]

Winter Meetup

I’ve never been a part of something, anything, early enough to consider myself a ‘grassroots’ adoptee until now.  Without hesitation, I can say beer in South Korea is making its way out of the shadow of its more famous brother soju and commanding a respect of its own. Yes, we may be ‘only’ homebrewers but    […]

Vertical goes chic

People brew for a variety of reasons: hobby, satisfaction, challenge, necessity etc.  People who continue in the craft often latch on to a particular facet of brewing that speaks to them most powerfully.  For some, it’s the science of yeast or the mash while others enjoy the freedom to play with recipes.  If you’ve taken    […]