I Brew - U Brew: small spaces, minimal gear, lotsa beer

Course Description: 

Take a look in any home brewing catalogue and you’d likely feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of trinkets available for purchase. Doesn’t that seem kind of strange given the fact that beer has a 7,000 year history?

I’ve brewed in barns, houses, 125sq/ft apartments, a commercial brewery and with electricity, propane and even over firewood. This course is the summation of my 12 years of brewing and experience. The longer I brew the more I keep coming back to simple, DIY brewing. Over this course, I will walk you through 3 different brewing rigs and their many potential variations. In addition, I will give you a tour of 6 different kegerator configurations and help you find an equipment build that fits your brewing needs without crushing your homebrew budget. Come with me on 2 actual step-by-step brews on 2 different systems: a 50 dollar brew-in-a-bag system and my super efficient 10 gallon/4.5 sq. ft vertical system.

This course includes videos, illustrations, PDFs and pictures and access to I brew-U brew’s discussion group.

Course video introduction:

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Course requirements:

  • This course assumes you have already made, or at least understand the principles of, extract brewing and fermentation.
  • This course assumes that you can perform rudimentary beer making tasks such as using a thermometer and hydrometer
  • If you don’t understand some all-grain beer brewing terms like mash, sparge, lauter, strike etc, a quick 30 minute study elsewhere on the Internet should bring you up to speed.

What are you going to get from the course:

  • Over 45 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • brew 5 or 10 gallons of all-grain beer from inexpensive, DIY and multipurposed gear.
  • learn how to keg, carbonate and dispense beer with one of the 6 kegging configurations covered.
  • use online brewing software to input recipes and calculate water volumes and temperatures needed at various steps of the brewing process.
  • build a mash tun or an equivalent (brew in a bag).
  • observe and learn from 2 different condensed brew sessions from start to finish.

Target audience:

  • This class is intended for anyone that loves beer.
  • This course is aimed at the individual who wishes to move from extract to all-grain brewing without spending a small fortune on expensive and complicated gadgets.
  • This course is intended for anyone who has ever said or thought, “I can’t make all-grain beer because I don’t have enough space in my home.”
  • This course is for brewers looking to simplify their setup through the calculated use of multipurpose tools.

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