One of the first things a homebrewer has to settle on when making beer is a recipe … duh!  While this sounds painfully obvious, it’s not always an automatic.  There are literally thousands of recipes online as well as other sources such as magazines and books.  What they all have in common, minus infection or other brewing mishaps, is that they should get you in the ballpark of good beer.  My recommendation is to start with something simple and oft-repeated, make the beer as recommended and try it X amount of weeks later.  If you like it, make record that you like it and brew it again.  If it shows potential, make that note in your brewlog and begin making a tweak at a time.

Recipes, while good intentioned, don’t always translate exactly as intended on YOUR system.  For example, I find the recipes available on to make for better beer than several of the brewing texts I own.  What malts that are available in England might not be so in the US (or might be otherwise cost prohibitive).  Don’t beat yourself up too much over being exact, instead, find things, ingredients and procedures that work for you while you iron out the other kinks on your way to the perfect homebrewed beer.

I Brew – U Brew Recipe List:

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