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Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2016

Every year since 2010, I wake up on Thanksgiving day, not for turkey, but to check the Internet for searing Black Friday deals.  I understand that’s the least Tyler Durden thing one could utter but do realize 2009 was a banner year for homebrewers in the Black Friday department.  For a mere 20 dollars, one    […]

Daejeon’s 2016 International Wine Festival

Fun was had by all, some more than others.  Have a look at the wife’s review of the event and hopefully see you there in 2017! ———————————————— My online courses: “Small Spaces, Limit Gear, Lotsa Beer” “Brew Like A Bachelor”

Daejeon Craft Beer Festival – October 14th & 15th, 2016

I’ve been in Korea for a while now.  Not so long that I can claim to have sent letters home to mom but long enough that I can claim to have known a Korea without quality beer.  That said, I think it’s safe to say that those days are over. Seoul has always seemingly been    […]

Regulators! Mount up.

You could file this one under “first world brewing problems.”  This tweak is not going to revolutionize your kegging game.  Not even close.  No one will ever eye your setup and say, “Wow!  Sweet mess of tubes! Show me how to make my brewing life more difficult, Mr. Goldberg“.  Fuck the haters.  Sometimes a brewer has    […]

Alcohol-centric fun on the southern part of the Korean peninsula.

Should you find yourself in South Korea with a few free days and an empty glass, you can’t go wrong with attending any, or all, of these festivals.  The Wine Fair is my personal favorite of any Korean festival and I don’t even really like wine! Gongju, Korea Beerfest 9/23 ~ 10/2 Daejeon, Korea Beerfest    […]

Some like it hot. Those people aren’t brewers.

Besides sweating, the oppressive heat of a Korean summer doesn’t leave much energy for anything else.  Those that are able to be elsewhere, anywhere, do exactly that while the less fortunate marinate in their own juices.  What does a prosecutable case of swass have to do with homebrewing?  More than you’d think.  See, as the ambient    […]

The Compound – Update #2

———————————————— My online courses: “Small Spaces, Limit Gear, Lotsa Beer” “Brew Like A Bachelor”

Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company: Libby, Montana

Sometimes it’s better to let someone else do the typing.  Doubly so if the typing is well done and the pictures exquisite.   Here’s my wife’s recap of our trip to Cabinet Brewing Company in Libby, Montana. Some extras from me: – As mentioned in the post, Libby is a supremely beautiful city.  It’s also    […]

“Kill tray” revised

Much like Dexter, success or failure of an afternoon often hinges on the availability of the tools needed to complete the task at hand.  For Dexter, a worst case scenario might be his prey scampering away, leading to Dexter being caught and subsequently sodomized for 10 years while he waits on death row.  For the    […]

Update from the frontier

Few words to log on this one.  Mostly pictures Life is all about balance. All is good on the farm. It’s the “Hey, I’m brewing beer and you’re not.” picturesque social media shot.However, behind the scenes, mayhem ensued.  This is what the aftermath of ‘tearing your sack’ in homebrewing context looks like.  Once again, 1/2 high temperature hose    […]