I Brew - U Brew: Brew like a bachelor

Course description: 

In this second I Brew – U Brew course series, I draw from my 13 years of brewing experience, in order to teach you deliberate and time conscious methods of how to make 5 gallons of all-grain beer, while utilizing DIY techniques in a very tiny brewing space. Forget everything you know, as you witness alternative mashing, fermenting, bottling and kegging techniques. I’ll also show you efficient and time-saving strategies, while completely eliminating the need for a mash tun, all the while turn up the heat on the Brew in a Bag method.

Bachelorism is more than a marital status, its a way of brewing. Deliberate, re-purposed, ambitious, thirsty and resourceful – there is a little bit of bachelor in all of us!

By purchasing “I Brew – U Brew: Brew like a Bachelor,” you’ll have an unlimited access to videos, PDFs, screencasts and illustrations.

After completing this course, you’ll be a confident single batch (5 gallons) Brew in a Bag brewer. This will help you transition seamlessly into a double batch (10 gallons) mash tun-focused brewing system, which is illustrated in my other course “I Brew – U Brew: small spaces, minimal gear, lotsa beer.”

Course video introduction:

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Course requirements: 

  • Students need to be able to perform basic beer brewing tasks such as take temperature and hydrometer readings.
  • Students should be familiar with the principles of extract brewing

What are you going to get from the course:

  • Over 35 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
  • make 5 gallons /19 liters of beer using many commonly found household tools and items
  • make simple devices and hardware modifications to simplify the beer making process.
  • learn about brewing techniques that might fit their particular brewing situation.
  • employ alternative kegging and bottling techniques
  • piece together an all-grain brew setup using locally (for the most part) found gear

Target audience: 

  • Anyone who likes beer
  • People who want to be brewing all-grain as soon as possible
  • People looking to make all-grain beer but have busy schedules
  • People who want to make beer with efficiency in mind
  • People who want to buy only gear that’s absolutely necessary to make and drink 5 gallons of all-grain beer
  • NOT for people who want best, most expensive and prettiest beer making equipment

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