Pocket beers

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It’s 2017.  People walk into traffic looking to find a virtual character.  Life is apparently complicated these days and this ludicrousness doesn’t stop at video games.  No longer is it enough to order a beer, lift the serving vessel to your beer hole and pour the beer down your gullet. Instead, one must take a photo of said beer, log into multiple social media sites and proclaim it to be the second coming of Christ (or conversely absolute shit).  I don’t reserve my cynicism for only beer.  I feel the same way about food pics.  People try their best to dress up the food photos with Shakespearean-esque captions such as “This filet mignon is amazeballs” but all my glassy eyes read is “Look what I’m going to turn into poop later.”

Recently I read a purely text based post on a new and innovative way to consume beer, which left me excited in ways that are best left unmentioned.  I don’t normally link to other blogs, but when I do, you better believe it’s about drinking beers.  Have a read here at MyGreenAdventure.com concerning a very interesting phenomenon known as “pocket beers”. 

Beer sure to stay tuned of my review of Pasteur Street Brewing Company out of Saigon on my next blog post.  /Irony.


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