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Every year since 2010, I wake up on Thanksgiving day, not for turkey, but to check the Internet for searing Black Friday deals.  I understand that’s the least Tyler Durden thing one could utter but do realize 2009 was a banner year for homebrewers in the Black Friday department.  For a mere 20 dollars, one could, oh and many did, buy a 5 gallon ball lock keg SHIPPED to their door: no minimum/no maximum.  Naturally, I picked up 8.  The only thing I regret from the 2000s is not picking up more.

Fast forward to 2016, and while the deals aren’t as legendary, there are some sales to satisfy your inner consumer.

Pin Lock Kegs for 25.95 each (max 2)

A swinging deal from Yakima Valley Hops (actually this deal is pretty legendary)
5 bucks for a pound of (2015) Centennial!  (shipping on 4 pounds in the US is 6 USD, to Korea that same 4 pounds is 33 USD)

Of course, some offerings from yours truly.
Small Spaces – Brew 10 gallons of beer in a laundry closet.
Brew like a Bachelor – Brew 5 gallons of beer with pretty much what you have on hand.

Happy consumption day!

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