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Darby.  The word and it’s ping-like finish sound more like a bi-syllabic sputter that would describe something you’d say when you stubbed your toe more than the name of a town that demands any  measurable clout. To some Montanans, it’s known as a town … though where exactly on the map is fuzzy.  To others that know of it, it’s identified as “that town where David Letterman got a speeding ticket.”  To me, it’s the tiny town where I graduated high school and have passed through only a few times on the way to somewhere else.


Darby’s newest claim to fame comes as the diminutive town throws its hat into the burgeoning Montana microbrew scene.  If walking into Bandit makes you feel like you are walking into a mechanics shop, you aren’t entirely wrong.  The building previously serviced helicopters before it found a new lease on life.  Bandit Brewing opened in November, not only is it one of the newest breweries in the state, it happens to be one of the smallest producing a mere 40 gallons per batch.


My beer recommendation: Dry Stout.  Not so full bodied that it can’t be enjoyed during the summer but rich enough to be interesting.

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